The Ceremony; the most important part of the wedding.

Simple or sophisticated, casual or formal or full of mystique, your ceremony will be unforgettable…

This is why I want to offer you the creation of a completely personalized and original ceremony, exactly as you have dreamed, where everyone feels welcome and happy to share with you the beginning of this new cycle in your lives.  The idea is to tell your story, reflecting your love for each other throughout the ceremony which will be unique, as is each and every couple.

Why a Celebrant Wedding?

“Because when two people love each other, the universe smiles, and blessings pour”

Because today not all couples wish to be married under a religious tradition.  But today, as it has always been, couples wish to get married in a beautiful ceremony.

A Spiritual Wedding centers in the wishes of the couple, in a happy and warm atmosphere, surrounded by those people who are significant to them, and most importantly, an unforgettable moment which will make relevant their decision to join their lives.